How I healed my blindness,
Beat death
Walked out of a hospice
And lived my dream
By living fully in the moment.

Come to our introductory seminar and learn how
To enhance your intuition and well being by maximizing your most irreplaceable asset:
Your Time!

So that you can tap your body’s innate healing wisdom
And find your inner guidance to create a more meaningful life.

We guarantee satisfaction or your money is refunded 100%.

  • Do you feel frustrated in not being able to attract what you truly want in your life?
  • Are you so distracted because your mind is constantly in a 1000 places and is never in the present moment?
  • Have you tried every seminar, read every book, prayed to heaven incessantly, been in therapy, and nothing has changed?
  • Are you sick and tired of constantly feeling tired and sick and the doctors can’t figure out what is wrong?
  • Do you feel so rushed and overwhelmed that you can’t breath and your body feels like a tight torture chamber?
  • Do you find yourself involved with relationships that contain the same repetitive patterns of conflict and misunderstanding?
  • Do you feel bound to a fate that you have no control over?
  • Do you find yourself being in a constant tug of war between the life you desire and the seeming challenges that block you from having it?

If you answered yes to one or more of any these questions, The Art of the Moment is for you! It will provide you the keys to unlock your deepest mysteries and to help you overcome what is holding you back from achieving maximum well being, success, and happiness.

The Art of the Moment is a series of workshops that teaches you different mind/body therapies and spiritual practices. You will see how to free yourself from being a slave to the fast paced modern world and listen to your body’s innate wisdom so that you can renew and replenish yourself.

You may be thinking that I am promising you the world and giving you 4 easy steps to nirvana. I was in your shoes before. I looked for answers all over the place and felt at war with myself. I turned my life around and achieved my best success when I 1) threw out all the self help books, 2) focused on one philosophy and repeatedly used it to feel good, 3) did what I loved, and 4) slowed down by being more present in my body. In having a practice where I became more and more engaged in the now, I reduced my glasses prescription by 70% in 4 months and recovered from a fatal illness.

I became more at peace with my life from a process of experimenting and failing several times until I chose to tell a different story about the life I was living. My life hasn’t been easy yellow brick road since having those miraculous healing experiences. However, I have been able to become sensitive to when I need to make a correction in my thought process and actions so that I reduce the amount of stress, frustration, and confusion in my life. Through your participating in The Art of the Moment workshops, you will learn the same tools to make peace with where you are and use your present situation and most difficult challenges as the perfect bouncing off point to have your greatest success.

Using The Art of the Moment’s technology and philosophy, you can slow down your mind and access your body’s innate intuition and healing capacity. Our workshops specifically focus on the following areas:

  1. Uncovering reasons for your physical and emotional suffering and taking steps towards rejuvenating yourself.
  2. Developing a deeper awareness of the present moment and having greater relaxation and well being in your body.
  3. Creating a new cycle of freedom and abundance in all aspects of your life.
  4. Understanding the “bigger picture” of any life situation and knowing how to address and resolve professional, family, and personal conflicts before they become unmanageable.

You will learn how to deliberately and incrementally feel good regardless of your present circumstances. By understanding how and where you focus your attention, you can make peace with where you are and change the direction you are going. At the end of each workshop, you will have different awareness tools that relieve your emotional and physical tension and allow you to feel better and better every day.

You will receive the following benefits as you learn to create a different framework to interpret and evaluate what you are experiencing and perceiving:

  1. You will learn how to intentionally focus on what gives you pleasure and build upon that “feeling better” awareness.
  2. You will receive the guidance on how to deal with your most troubling situations and your most pressing issues will resolve themselves.


Sign up and come to one of our introductory seminars so that you can experience how much power you truly have by living in the now! Seasoned somatic educators teach our introductory seminars. You will experience two modalities that we will explore more deeply in a one day seminar.

We have a satisfaction guaranteed policy where if you feel that you are not getting what we promised, you will get a 100% refund from our introductory seminar as long as you choose to leave by the first hour. We want you to feel as though you are investing your time and money in something that 1) truly changes your relationship to how your perceive you world and 2) gives you practical tools to live more effectively.

You can earn cash or credit toward taking one of our seminars when you refer your circle of influence to our programs through our referral programs. We also have a scholarship programs for those people who have lost their jobs or are unemployed. For more information, please go to policy section of our site.

I look forward to meeting you,

Henry Pierre

“Movement never lies.” Martha Graham

“It’s kind a fun to do the impossible.” Walt Disney