I was speaking with someone recently who told me he used too much effort to slow down and stay present in the now.  He felt that it was much easier for him to stay distracted and unclear than to allow himself to consciously feel totally grounded in the moment.  In our modern world of multiple distractions and demands pulling at us constantly, our nervous and affect systems become overly stimulated that we have battle on our hands in allowing our bodies and mind flow in a natural and undisturbed manner.

In order to stay grounded in the present moment, I want to use the analogy of going to the gym to exercise.  You have to go regularly to lift weights so that you can build your strength and endurance.  You have to have the same discipline and routine to create the practice of staying present in your body.  Taking the time to practice and open all your senses will allow you greater awareness of what is happening when you are doing something.

Have you ever gone to watch a world class musician or dancer perform in a concert?  In order to have that same grace and effortlessness on stage, they had to do countless rehearsals and routines to perfect their presentation.   I am going to give you a few exercises you can do that will allow you to heighten you sense of well being to where you are at the present:

1) Take the time to eat one meal a day where you chew everything slowly.  Allow yourself to feel the texture and smell of what you eating.   When you slow down and truly take in all the meal has to offer, you will find yourself slowing down and enjoying yourself more.

2) Walk for 30 minutes and feel your feet touching down in each step.  You also want to feel what the temperature is on your body and if the sun is shining or if the wind in blowing.  As you take this walk, your body will become more alive and sensitive to your surroundings.

3) Go to a museum and instead of just walking by the art work or exhibits are if you are window shopping, take the time to truly take in what is in front of your eyes.  For example: See every detail of the painting- how the light hits the canvas, where the brush strokes fall, and the contrast in colors.  As you take in the details slowly, you eyes will begin to relax and develop a new way of seeing.

In taking the time to train your senses to be more detailed oriented, you can allow your total being to relax and be in different relationship to what is happening around you.  Instead of being a victim to what ever stimulus comes you way, you can train yourself through being aware of your senses and physical being to be much more alert yet relaxed.  In becoming conscious of how you perceive the world and allowing yourself to slow down, you can make different choices that allow you to move with greater ease and power.

Try it!