How It Works

The Art of The Moment’s Philosophy

The Art of the Moment takes the philosophy popular in The S ecret, Ask aphilosophyglassnd It Is Given, and The Power of Now and shows you how to create a new experience and perception of your physical being by feeling, seeing, and moving with it differently.  In our workshops, you will reflect on how you use your life force more effectively in your body to maintain its well being. Every choice in how you invest your attention and energy in the past, present, or future either deteriorates or increases the power of your spirit and the quality of your physical and emotional health.  Your focus and maintenance of your body’s well being mirrors how you manage your finances, creativity, relationships, and other parts of your life.  In essence, as Caroline Myss says, “Your biography becomes your biology.”

By becoming aware of your emotional guidance system and being able to ride its ebb and flow, you will understand where and how you are investing your attention from moment to moment. You will see if you are:

  1. Constantly looking back at the past and using it to beat the drum of what is wrong in your life or
  2. Making peace with the present and appreciating what is so that you are constantly looking forward to what is coming next.

In our modern, chaotic world, multiple distractions take us away from the present moment and what we want. As a result, we draw our attention away from ourselves and our interior world. We have become so fractured that we have lost touch with the things that matter to us: relationships, creativity, freedom, and time for ourselves.

In a New York Times Magazine Poll, 70% of respondents felt that time
was their greatest concern and 50% said that they would never find
true love.

In a world where we have access to everything instantaneously,
what are we really missing that will bring us fulfillment?

The inescapable dramatic fact for most of us is that we have become numb and cannot feel and experience our present moment. A successful life has become a violent enterprise of distractions grabbing our attention.

Much of our modern life seduces our awareness away from our inner most place of refuge-our peace of mind. Hundreds of television channels, cell phones and telephones with multiple lines to talk to more than one person at the same time, our ears plugged into blaring I-pods, fax machines, emails, text messages, billboards, and magazines. All screaming for our attention. TRY ME! LISTEN TO ME! WATCH ME! DO ME! SEE ME! EAT ME! BUY ME! BUY ME! BUY ME!

We are so overly stimulated that we cannot focus anymore and cause war and chaos in all aspects of our lives.

We make war with our bodies because we are pushing them beyond our limits.

Over time

We are at war with our spirit because we are too preoccupied to listen to the inner wisdom that seeks to nourish and refresh us.


We are at war with those we love because we don’t have enough time to hear them, see them and to be with them. We are constantly doing more, more, and more and having less and less time to engage and enjoy our community.


We are always running, running, running.

Do you feel like your life is a constant chase for satisfaction and yet you are never content?

How do you make time for your life and truly live it?

By stopping and listening to “the still small voice” within you that knows what you really need.

“Wherever your heart is, there will be your treasure also.” (Matthew 6:21)


Through enhancing your attention to your body’s natural intuition and well being, you will learn how to change the focus of your thoughts, feelings, and actions.   By your becoming aware of your body’s subconscious resistances, you will have the tools to dissolve these unproductive patterns lead you to consistent distraction and discomfort. In learning how to slow down, understand how your emotional guidance system works, incrementally feel better, and be more present in your life, you will receive the following benefits:

  1. You can live a life of achievement, adventure, and wonder by escaping the restrictions of everyday chronological time. By immersing yourself in your timelessness, abundant, and lush inner landscape, you will receive the aid of helpers in your imagination to achieve your goals.
  2. You will feel deeper presence within yourself and access the universal intelligence that great mystics, inventors, healers, and artists have tapped for centuries to build their legacies. As a result, you will create a new blueprint for the life you want.
  3. You can find innate solutions within your body’s natural intelligence to solve your most confounding mysteries through exploring the creative process in art, spiritual practice, and somatic education.


You may be thinking that you have heard this all before and that this is another feel good seminar that promises instantaneous results. However, let me show you how I have applied these principles in a systematic and dedicated practice to produce miraculous results.

How do I know that the Art of The Moment works? Because I have seen it with my eyes and defied death living it…