My Story

HENRYportraitsmilingdkI was born visually impaired. My family eye doctors continually misdiagnosed my vision and told me that I would be legally blind for life. I never experienced the proper eye care and received the correct eye glasses. By the age of seven, I had three detrimental eye operations which destroyed my sensory and motor connection and further damaged my optic nerve.

Throughout my childhood, my parents didn’t believe that I couldn’t see well because I performed well in school and managed to graduate in the top 3% in my high school class. I felt so demoralized by their invalidation of my experience and yet I knew that an answer to my problem existed. At the age of 18, I visited another ophthalmologist and received the correct prescription to see 20/20. However, even then I was forced to wear very strong glasses. Although eighteen years of misdiagnoses and needless operations may seem like a tragedy, my blindness enhanced my perception and intuition. This painful experience initiated me into a greater capacity to engage and interpret the world and go beyond pain and chaos.

henrykid2My imagination also developed the strength, courage, vitality, and tenacity to resolve my deeper issues and explore alternative paths to reach my heart’s desire. Even though I could not see physically to obtain and achieve what I wanted, I could listen to my feelings and my body in order to gain intuitive guidance. I took the leap of faith in the face of many who deemed it impractical to study theater history with minors in art, dance, architecture, film, and art history because I needed to see the common threads great geniuses used to engage with their environments in order to create their work. In understanding the creative process, I realized how these masters used their life challenges and engaged a deeper dialogue with their imagination so that they could go beyond the creative constraints that the outside world placed upon artistic and creative expression.

After college, I went Taiwan and Japan for three years because I needed to connect back to my roots. While living there, I taught English as a Second Language. I used improvisational theater games to get my students into their bodies so that they could feel more relaxed and enjoy the learning process. I also focused on eastern aesthetics such as being a huge Kabuki and Noh drama fan and engaging with the main shop managers of these famous Japanese fashion designers: Issey Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto, Comme de Garcon, Kenzo, and Hanae Mori. An 8th generation shiatsu and acupuncture teacher asked me to study massage with him because he stated that in olden days, blind people were considered to have the most exquisite touch because their blindness gave them access to feel the body’s energy on a more acute and sensitive level.

These pursuits gave me the invaluable insights to understand how the body 1) codes language and movement to communicate effectively by engaging all the senses and enjoying learning in the moment and 2) allows itself to relax when its energy in completely in the now so that it understands how to make the right choices to accelerate healing.

Six years after coming back to the US, my mother made her transition. To honor her, I decided to heal my vision and get well. Using the money I inherited from her, I did a twelve regimen body work and energetic medicine practice while working with a spiritual director. I incorporated the following modalities:

  • Feldenkrais method
  • Chi Ne Tsang
  • Guided imagery
  • Cranial Sacral
  • Shamanic Journeying
  • Hands on Healing
  • Naturopathy
  • Light Therapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Yoga
  • Pranic Healing
  • Thai Massage

Using this system, I managed to reduce my glasses prescription by 70% in four months. According to my opthomologist, Dr. Larry Sadjecki,

“I worked with Henry Pierre from November 1997 to April 1998
and given his ocular history, what he has accomplished is miraculous.
Before starting his holistic regimen, his visual acuity was poor and his eye/body coordination was still unbalanced. In working with me, his prescription in his right eye has dropped by 80% and left eye by 30% . His body/sight/mind connection has vastly improved.”

He took a proactive approach in doing the eye exercises and he had an open dialogue with me about what emotional issues were coming up as he did his regimen. I was so impressed with his willingness to take action to release the perceptions about himself that were preventing him from succeeding. I have only experienced success like his work with one other patient.”

Even though I had achieved a major victory in healing my vision, I still felt like my past was holding me hostage. In 2002, I got infected with an incurable illness and decided to stop my successful massage practice to heal. I believed that I could do it and saw this opportunity to dialogue and deal this shadow part of myself.

In 2003, I decided to start my massage practice again and began going business networking meetings to see what kind of prospects I could find. People wouldn’t talk to me because they thought I knew no one of value to refer them. They did not know that most of the clients were Wall Street brokers and financial analysts, wealthy entrepreneurs, sales people, and other people of influence that they would never meet.

In following up with them, I would send them a list of events that they could attend and most people wanted to keep in touch with me. I then started my newsletter on networking and began to learn how to become a center of influence who connects people together and provides invaluable information. I also saw how to influence and attract the right people to engage with me by trusting my intuition.

In 2005, I got seriously ill and the doctors gave me the death sentence. I didn’t believe what they were saying and made one phone call to a friend declaring that I chose to live and asked him if he would he help. We started a fund raiser, A Latte or a Life, where people could donate the money they would spend at Starbucks to my rescue fund. By using my list and all the connections my friends had, within two weeks we had $7,500 donated of which $5,000 came from someone I didn’t know.

Using the wisdom I gained from connecting to my body in my vision healing process, I began to reinterpret how my body could change it relationship to how it was feeling in the present. I started to move my body in slow incremental movements and began to feel deliberately better. At one point, I was strong enough to go to my favorite art house cinema even though the hospice staff was concerned that I would not be strong enough to walk being only 102 lbs. Within four months, I gained back 53lbs and was the first person to ever walk out of this hospice. I can truly say that I saved my life by imagining and living into a reality that was different from what I was experiencing. When I am fully present, miracles can happen beyond my wildest dreams.

In 2007, I closed my business and wanted to go back into teaching because I felt I needed to be in a global learning environment and engage with people who were open to seeing the world in a different way. I got a job teaching ESL at language institute where I worked with young foreign students from 26 different countries who came to the US for an adventure. I mentored my students and encouraged them to explore the possibility using language in a new way .

My students became the best antidepressant I could ever ask for in dealing with this illness. My classroom became the space where my students and I could play in our imaginations. Working with them also created deep friendships and a place to stay in 26 countries when I travel around the world.

henryclasssmComing back to the classroom brought me full circle from when I left for Asia twenty years ago. I had gone there then to find myself and now in working with these students, I saw myself in them and my taste for adventure and life got reignited.

In 2008, I got fired from my job because I had outgrown the organization and took nine months off to heal and recuperate. During this time, I began to try different energetic techniques to heal some of the side effects from the medication and had significant progress. I used this time to be present and allow myself to become more relaxed and explore my creativity. I also saw that people are experiencing more and more stress in a world that seems to be going into overdrive.

henryportraitgardenI felt called to create The Art of the Moment as a forum where I could use my life experience and healing journey to inspire others to live their desires by showing them how to slow down, live their calling, and unlock their deepest mysteries. Through your participation in The Art of The Moment workshops, you will learn the same process and the tools that I have incorporated into my life so that you can turn your most difficult challenges into the platform to manifest your deepest dreams.