Workshop Descriptions:

The Art of the Moment Introductory Seminar


In this two and half hour introductory seminar you will experience the modalities covered in our one day core seminars. Two of our instructors will give a short demonstration where you will learn how you can create greater well being and presence in your life. After the seminar, you will have the opportunity to register for one of our core workshops.

The Art of The Moment guarantees your satisfaction in getting the information you need to live more effectively in the moment. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with every introductory seminar that allows you to get your money back when you do the following: if you choose to leave during the first hour and half of the seminar, your money will be refunded back to you. No questions asked.


Hellinger Family Constellations


Bert Hellinger created Family Constellations and discovered hidden relationship dynamics which often seemed to have tragic effects that shape not only “the family”, but also other organizational systems. In Family Constellations you will see a visual representation of a problem and its hidden dynamics.

You will create a field, a constellation, from the class which represents your inquiry’s various people and elements. This constellation may include living or dead family members, other people with whom you are in relationship, or problems, symptoms and diseases.

Constellation representatives can tap into the feelings, stories and secrets of each system’s member, often with such precision that they unknowingly reproduce posture, voice tone, physical attributes or exact phrasing of the person or aspects they represent – without ever having met them! Your constellation will provide you a living road map for you to realign your perception of the challenge. As a result, you will be able to know how to restore balance, order, harmony and healing.

When you understand how you are not responsible for the fate and well being of your family/situation/organization and its predecessors, you can release yourself from identifying with their difficult fates. By understanding the structures of love and blind loyalties that governs relationships, you will gain the following insights and solutions in creating a constellation:

  1. You will have a larger frame of reference to understand your past.
  2. You can refocus your life on what makes you strong.
  3. You can increase your capacity for compassion and forgiveness toward others.
  4. You can take action on what you feel is holding you back.

The following videos will give you an example of a constellation in action:

Constellation Demonstration Video 1


Constellation Demonstration Video 2


To have a better understanding about the Hellinger Constellation Work, please download this file: The Hellinger Family Constellation System




Have you ever dreamed of feeling –

  • Your body at ease and comfortable while becoming strong and adaptable?
  • Your mind undistracted and filled with inspiration and creativity?
  • That you belong in a community that values you exactly the way you look and express yourself?

Have you ever been introduced to CONTINUUM?

Continuum is for people of all ages and body types with all levels of movement experience, and for people dealing with illness or injury. Everyone can derive remarkable benefit from what Continuum offers.

Continuum is an exploration into the deep play of our existence that begins with our physical body in sensation and movement. It awakens our capacity to move freely, feel deeply and respond potently to life’s changing circumstances.

An Introductory Session to Continuum includes an overview of the significance of how the human body as a fluid organism, is in resonance with all living systems. The overview is followed by instruction and movement demonstrations, and individual explorations. Each exploration uses unique breath, sound, and movement practices to invoke easily structured sequences, and each person delves into exploring their own internally expressive realm.

Continuum teaches us the value of slowing down and feeling our way through movement. By doing so, we can shed habitual rhythms of the day, allowing deep listening to guide us into unexplored territory in our bodies. New awareness is born. Led by interest and curiosity, we learn to skillfully ride the currents of our own emergence, opening to true capacity for growth and change. For more information about Continuum, go to


Gateway to Presence: Body Movement and Feeling


This day-long workshop is for everybody who wants to be more grounded, alert and vivid in the body. No skill or experience is required, just the willingness to move gently in space with others, engage simple touch exercises, talk about your experience with others, and connect consciously with gravity and with the volume that is you. Music, communion with others, simple instruction, supportive feedback, conversation and guided imagery will help us along the path to fullness in the physical self.

As we feel gravity and our own bodies more fully, our feelings and thoughts become clearer, fuller, and simpler. This clears the way to engaging issues and challenges which may have flummoxed us until now. Come dressed in clothes that allow you to move freely and in which you feel comfortable.


BrilliantBody™ Toolbox


Encouraging balance and ease, the BrilliantBody™ Toolbox Class can help free you from pain, from obstacles to clear thinking, and from the negative effects of any injury. When you feel how your systems work together—bones, muscles, organs–glands, fluids, nerves—you find new energy to move, more satisfying rest, and more pleasure in life. Through gentle touch, movement exploration, anatomical education, listening and dialogue, Doug MacKenzie guides you in exploring your inner landscape. You can relax, learn how health feels and moves in your body, and awaken clear pathways to pursue your dreams.


Keys To Real Wealth


  • Do you get splitting head aches when you worry about money?
  • Does your body shake nervously when you get you next bill?
  • Do you feel as though you can’t sleep when you can’t make ends meet?

Keys To Real Wealth is a new, exciting method that can make a real difference right now. This proprietary approach to understanding money and wealth combines recent research about high earners with magical power of Brain Upgrade. High earners exhibit specific attitudes and behaviors. In the past, people had to work very hard to acquire these trait’s. However, unique Brain Upgrade techniques eliminate the hard work. You can master these traits faster than you ever thought possible.

Everything that works or doesn’t work in your life, including your finances, is a result of how your brain is organized. Under stress many parts of your brain “switch off”, so you don’t have access to all of your abilities. For example, many people have blocks when it comes to numbers, sequence, logic (all left-brain skills). Brain Upgrade is a unique program that helps you “switch on” your brain so you can use it more effectively to solve your financial problems with more ease.

Brain Upgrade works fast because it uses the link between what you think and your body’s physical state – the “brain-body connection.” Your problems are not in your head! Your abilities, attitudes, habits, even your beliefs are locked into your body, your posture, and muscle patterns. Brain Upgrade techniques tap into this link to create a shortcut to amazing changes on all levels: mental, physical, emotional and financial.

Please read this PDF for more information about this mind expanding and wealth building workshop: Keys to Real Wealth


Introduction to the Alexander Technique: Creating Greater Ease, Balance, and Flexibility In Your Total Being

The Alexander Technique is a way to move more easily. Based on the relationship between the head and the spine, its basic idea is that, when the neck does not overwork, the head can poise lightly at the top of the spine and the whole spine can lengthen in movement.

Unconscious muscular habits can engender a range of body problems. Excess tension in the neck and back compresses the spine. Spinal compression can cause pain in your back, neck, shoulders, hips, knees or ankles. Since it also reduces your torso’s internal volume, that puts pressure on the organs and can constrict circulation, breathing and digestion, preventing your body from working as well as it could. Therefore, problematic posture can undermine your overall vitality.

Our neuromuscular system is designed to work in concert with gravity. In the torso, there is an anti-gravity response, an upward flow that fosters buoyancy and efficient movement. In this workshop, you will learn how the Alexander Technique can help you restore this natural buoyancy. That enables you to reduce strain in one area by distributing effort through the whole body. You access more flexibility, more space in the joints, fuller breathing and more resiliency, bringing more clarity, ease and focus to everything you do.

For more information about this workshop, please read the following PDF Document.


River Flowing Into Ocean: An Urban Retreat in iRest® – Yoga Nidra

  • Are you feeling tired or tense?
  • Would you like to have more energy, be more relaxed?
  • Would you like to improve your memory and concentration?
  • Would you like to free yourself from emotional reactivity and negativity?

Integrative Restoration, or iRest, is a modern adaptation of Yoga Nidra, the ancient form of yogic meditation. iRest helps you break free of self-limiting patterns, emotions and beliefs so that you may live a contented life, free of conflict, anxiety and suffering. In its ultimate form, iRest reveals the secret of enlightenment and introduces you to your True Nature as joyful and radiant Presence.

iRest induces deep relaxation throughout your entire body and mind and enables you to eliminate stress and resolve personal problems and trauma. It neutralizes anxiety, fear, anger, depression and insomnia.

iRest teaches you how to enter deep meditation, There are many studies that have proven the efficacy of relaxation and meditation. The great thing about iRest® is that it lures you into meditation effortlessly, through the valley of deep relaxation. You find yourself ascending the slopes of meditation without even “trying to meditate”. All this while lying down but can also be practiced sitting, or even standing!

This workshop will begin with some gentle, mindful movements and segue into the practice of iRest. This workshop offers tangible tools to

  • profoundly relax
  • deeply rejuvenate
  • sleep well
  • improve your digestion, memory, and concentration
  • de-stress
  • support your immune system
  • reduce pain and fatigue
  • improve your flexibility
  • resolve personal problems and trauma
  • neutralize anxiety, fear, anger, depression, and insomnia.


The Fitzgordon Walking Method: Walking in Present with Greater Ease and Power.

The way you walk in your body is a metaphor for how you choose to move time and space.    In the Fitzgordon Walking Method, you will understand how your unconscious habitual walking patterns prevent you from having greater freedom and flexibility.  You will enhance your awareness of greater stability and strength by seeing how you distribute your weight in your skeleton and if you are working with or against gravity when you move forward.   In using the Fitzgordon Walking Method strategies for better alignment, you will experience greater mobility in your total being so that you can move throughout the day with greater poise, alignment, and effortlessness.

During the workshop, you will learn how to correct some of common undetectable alignment errors in walking so that you have greater flexibility in your lower back and upper body and release undo strain.  You also see how to “flow forward” with gravity instead of resisting it so that you can use your own body weight to take you forward much more easily.   You will have hands on correction and simple daily exercises that enhance your daily mobility so that you can truly walk into your life with greater power and authority.

More Workshops will be added soon...